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Breaking Knewz
Heels In The Hallway
Mystery of You
Na Nic To Spiewanie
Eddie's Song
In Zakopane
Show Me Oberek
Root Beer Rag
In The Village
Polka Music
I'll Give You A Kiss
She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even)
Down The Road
We Own The Night
By Your Side
I Should Leave
Am I A Fool
Baby's Coming Home
Still In Love
Looking For A Boyfriend
No Gonna Drink Oberek
Don't Go To Her
Chances Are
Green Bridge
Welcome To Mystery
Still In Love - Reprise
Knewz Flash
Years Ago
Close To You
Everything But Yours
My Baby Blues
Rearview Mirror
I Wanna Close My Eyes
In Another's Arms
Pije Kuba
Trouble With The Truth
Suppertime Oberek
We've Got It All Together
Flisak Krakowiak
Fiddlin' Around
I Want It That Way
Got Knewz?
Long Story Short
Wypij Sobie
Best of Both Worlds
Where Do We Go From Here
Back To Boston
Angel In My Eyes
Somewhere In This World
Why Did You Leave Me Oberek
Pickles and Peppers
Let's Go
Only You
At The Bar
My Heart
Something About You
4th Edition
Second Chance
Hey Babe
What Would You Do
Spread Some Love Around
It Wasn't Me
Make or Break
You're My Baby
Look For Me Oberek
We Like It
Forever and For Always
Fortunes of War
Keep Holding On
No Time To Waste
Your Greatest Gift
I'd Rather Be In Jail
I Don't Have To Be Me
Mending Fences
Change Your Ways Oberek
Ej Mamusiu Moja
I'll Always Be There
Near the Shore
Lovers Met
As One
Chicago Times
Vintage Dynatones Waltz Medley
Going Ahead
When I Call Your Name
Spread the Knewz
Spread the Knewz
My First Kiss
Daddy's Money
Ej Janicku
Poor Boy
Girls Went Shopping Oberek
Mud on the Tires
When She's Gone
All the Girls
I Should Be Laughing
Attic Island
Follow You Follow Me
A Man Who Had It All
Have you Heard the Knewz
You'll Be Back
If Looks Could Kill
Club 77
Without Your Love Waltz
Polka Weekend
Deja Vu
My Heart Skips a Beat
Looking Through Musician's Eyes
Black Sheep Oberek
Johnny's Trouble
This Song's For You
Hold On

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